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Cost effective:

  • Quick rider turnaround time. Less than 5 minutes for 3.5 minute ride.
  • Easily charge $5.00 - $10.00 per passenger per ride depending on location.
  • High repeat rider-ship.
  • This is one ride that Sells Itself! History shows that a high percentage of riders will tell their friends about their G-Force experience and even bring their friends back with them.

This is one ride that sells itself.
Easily charge $5.00 to $10.00 per passenger!

G-Force Saudi

Reliable and Durable:

  • Linear Induction propulsion means no gears or transmission to wear out.
  • Uses Pneumatics instead of hydraulics. No pumps or hoses to leak fluids.
  • Extremely low maintenance cost.

Extremely Realistic:

  • Creates actual G-Forces - positive, negative, even weightlessness.
  • Pod environment alleviates outside influences
  • No sensation of spinning.
  • Live action photography instead of computer generated graphics.
  • A ride that both Children and Adults will find thrilling.

Creates actual G-Forces!
A ride that both children and
adults will find thrilling.

G-Force in Motion


  • Pod environment encloses rider in addition to lap belt.
  • Each pod has it’s own emergency kill switch.
  • Over capacity main bearings.

Low maintenance cost
and safety too! A G-Force
Virtual Reality Theater
offers you a unique business

G-Force March Air Museum


  • Comes standard with 3 attractions, Fighter Jet, Bobsled Run and Roller Coaster.
  • Upgradeable, additional attractions can be added.
  • Offer all attractions on a daily basis or change the attractions weekly or monthly.
  • The ability to quickly change attractions is like having a full sized steel roller coaster, a bobsled run and a fighter jet all in the same small space.

The ability to quickly change
attractions, upgrade and add new
attractions gives you
unsurpassed versatility!

Nasa Space Camp

"I had no intention of riding the G-Force Simulator, however two of my three boys wanted to give it a try. I could tell by their faces when they got off the ride that this was something special.

After hearing about their experience they were insistent that I go on the ride. They even convinced my younger son to ride.

We currently have a flight simulator in our family room. How much does the G-Force Cost?"


Would you like to own or lease your own G-Force Virtual Reality Theater for your business? Contact G-Force Amusements for more information on how you can add some "G-Force" to your profits. G-Force Amusements offers great business investment opportunities too. Find out more!

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