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Fasten your seat belt this is the G-Force Simulation Theater!
Virtual Reality Simulators that go beyond imagination.


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Gravitation: A gradual and steady movement toward somebody or something as if drawn by some force or attraction.
Force: A Physical influence that tends to change the position of an object with mass, equal to the rate of change in momentum of the object.
Simulation: A device, instrument or piece of equipment designed to reproduce the essential features of something.
Theater: The place or realm where significant actions or events take place.


a simulator so versatile that it can change simulations with the turn of a switch.
action Photography added for super realism and an experience you'll not forget.
the dimension of REAL G-Forces, this is one part that is not simulated at all!
that you can fit all of this into an area as small as 15 feet by 15 feet.


Sound Impossible?

Imagine taking off in a Jet Fighter at 3 +g's, your cheeks almost touching your ears.

Dropping down the steep slope of a giant steel roller coaster as your body is lifted off the seat.

Pressing forward against a lap belt as your bobsled comes to a quick stop at the end of its run.


G- Force Around the World


It's not Impossible!
It's the G-Force Simulation Theater!


                                                      ~ Simulation Beyond Imagination


Read what others are saying about the G-Force Virtual Reality Simulator ~

… I am employed at Kennedy Space Center’s Spaceport USA and learned of your most exciting attraction when I recently visited U.S. Spacecamps Astronaut Hall of Fame in Titusville, Florida.

As a registered nurse and certified private pilot, I have a real appreciation of the effort and ingenuity that must have gone into this technological marvel… It is incredibly realistic and, for me, has become an enjoyable and economical alternative to actual flight. I'll admit that I was a bit apprehensive at first when I saw the rapidly spinning pods, but my fears gave way to sheer joy as I took the most thrilling flight imaginable and had no sensation of pod spinning nor motion sickness whatsoever.

I thank you for this remarkable invention. It has brought a lot of happiness to this world as evidenced by the many beaming faces I have seen emerge from the pods…



Cocoa Beach, FL


I’m a Commercial Pilot for a major American airline. Last weekend I experienced the G-Force Simulator for the first time. I couldn’t believe how realistic the ride is. I’m back today to ride again and this time I brought some friends and family (15) along. They wouldn’t believe me when I told them how incredibly realistic this ride is.

They believe me now!

Take a test ride yourself! Simply click on the link below! Now imagine adding actual G-Forces to your experience!

Nasa Space Camp

CLICK TO VIEW: ' 'Flight Test Clip




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